Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 2, 2010

One Year Ago Today

Happy trails to you...

After a great lesson yesterday, Cindy headed to the stables mid-morning alone as Gary was golfing with some neighbors.

LBR was very mellow when Cindy met him at his paddock. It was a very warm day and he was standing in the shade of his shelter. He came up to the gate and nickered on his way (so cute).

Cindy took him to the stables for grooming and tacking up. LBR fell asleep as he was brushed. He was very happy to have fly spray applied as this year we have the most vicious deer flies.

Cindy rode LBR for a bit at the walk/trot in the arena and then headed out on a trail ride with another boarder. They rode down to the "donkey/cow/trailer parking" area. LBR wasn't sure about the old house but followed the lead of the more experienced horse well.

They then headed down/around paddocks on the east side of the farm. LBR walked fearlessly past the shaving/plastic tarp area, but did not like the two tires/gate used to drag the arena that were parked outside of one of the paddocks they toured. It was odd that he noticed them on the way into the paddock and his "leader" noticed them on the way out. BP - the more experienced horse is a 25 y/o OTTB. I guess some things never change. Neither spooked at the object, but both thought it "didn't belong".

After riding the east side of the farm, they rode down to BP's paddock. His paddock is on the North side of the property at a slight crest in elevation. He has the most beautiful oak tree that provides great shade. Next to his paddock is the pasture board field (about 10 acres w/ 4 horses). They have a group of visitors that appear regularly and were there on Sunday.....a herd of about 20 goats from the neighbors. LBR noticed them, but didn't get too excited. He watched them as they jogged off to the other side of the pasture with couriosity but no spooking.

The trail ride ended with grooming, sleeping in the cross-ties. Cindy then took LBR back to his paddock and then returned later with treats.

It was a very relaxing day.

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