Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 13, 2010

Gary headed to the stables around noon to meet the trainer for LBR's training ride.

Gary groomed LBR and the trainer rode him in the sand arena. LBR was opening his mouth too much so the trainer suggested we add more holes to the noseband so it could be tightened.

She worked LBR at the walk, trot and canter on the flat to start. After LBR settled nicely, she trotted him across ground poles & cross rails for a while. She then cantered the brush box and gate jump several times.

LBR was over-jumping today which he has never done. After a while, he started jumping normally and they ended with a trail ride around the property.

Gary rinsed LBR before letting him graze and returning him to his paddock.

The flies are getting bad so Gary put LBR's fly mask on.

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