Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

Cindy had a morning lesson on LBR. Gary & Cindy also held a fun-ride fundraiser for the LOPE organization.

Cindy's lesson went well though she chose to just do walk/trot and no canter flat work. Cindy spent a lot of energy avoiding traffic jams as there were 4 other riders and some of them are more green than she and LBR.

LBR did VERY WELL on his course work. He troted the cross rails well and jumped the brush box. He tends to move left after jumps so their trainer/teacher is encouraging a lot of left leg pressure. Cindy's left leg is quivering 6 hours later.

After the lesson, Gary & Cindy accepted donations and coordinated the scavenger hunt. They raised $100 for LOPE today and were very happy.

Gary took LBR back to his paddock while Cindy accepted donations. After the hours at the stables, Gary & Cindy headed home to freshen up before going to a graduation party for another boarder.

It's been a great long weekend so more day and it's a promise that pictures/video from this week will be uploaded tomorrow.

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