Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22, 2010

Yeah it's Saturday!!!

The farrier that takes care of most of the horses at LBR's studio had a customer appreciation trail ride today. It was held here:

Gary and Cindy headed over to the stables about 6:45 a.m. and hooked up the neighbor's trailer.

Gary brought LBR up from his paddock while Cindy got LBR's breakfast and some last minute items from the tack room.

LBR loaded nicely but got a little impatient in the trailer until Gary closed his divider. The neighbor's trailer is GORGEOUS. It's a 3 horse Sundowner bumper pull that looks like it's never been used.

The drive to the event took about 30 minutes along pleasant country rodes. When they arrived, Gary unloaded LBR while Cindy set up the hay net and brought water to the trailer.

LBR was a little quick backing out of the trailer but settled nicely as there was delicious bermuda grass to graze on. There were were around 40 horses/riders at the event. LBR's trainer/stable owner was there as was another lady who takes lessons with us.

LBR was very calm considering this was his third "event". Gary let him graze for a while. LBR stood calmly tied to the trailer enjoying his hay in the hay net and half of his breakfast.

He seemed to miss the other horses when they left on the trail ride but again settled quickly. The first part of the trail ride was to the north and the group returned to cross to the south portion of the ranch after about 30 minutes.

When they headed south and LBR settled, Gary & Cindy tacked him up for a ride in the arena. Gary led him around for a while with the saddle and bridle on. LBR was calm so Cindy decided to ride. Gary gave Cindy a "leg up" and LBR was a bit surprised.

Cindy rode him at the walk for about 30 minutes. They only had one "incident" where LBR spooked when horses in the other arena got frisky. It was the quickest 6 foot sidepass/hop. Cindy was thankful that her legs are strong from all the riding and didn't budge.

After a while, Cindy worked LBR a bit at the trot. He was a little hot, but they worked through it.

Cindy ended the ride with some leg yeilds and flexing bends. Gary led LBR back to the trailer and they detacked/groomed. LBR had worked up a little sweat - but mostly it was just nervous sweat. He cooled of quickly and enjoyed his breakfast.

The trail riders returned and the hamburgers/hotdogs and refreshments began. Gary moved LBR over to the trainer's trailer to be tied nearer the pavillion and closer to other horses. LBR relaxed and chilled out while Gary & Cindy enjoyed their lunch.

Around 1:00 p.m., they all loaded up and headed home. LBR does not seem to like leaving places. He wasn't too bad loading, but it was appearant that he'd rather stay.

When they arrived back home, Gary unloaded LBR while Cindy unloaded tack. They took LBR back to his paddock where is morning alfalfa was waiting. LBR was happy to be home and whinnied at his paddock neighbors.

Cindy & Gary took the neighbors trailor back and returned home around 4:00 p.m.

Cindy is declaring Sunday - Lazy Day!!

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