Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10, 2009

Today (Sunday) we headed to the stables early in the afternoon. It was a warm/humid day but as we had plans in the evening, we decided to deal with the heat.

We took LBR from his paddock down to the barn/grooming stables. He was quiet and well-behaved for grooming and saddling so we decided this was going to be the first ride day.

Saddled and headed to the round pen for putting on the bridle. We briefly did lunging at the walk/trot (about 3 laps at each gait in each direction).

Cindy then took the first ride. LBR did very well. He pulled a bit at the bridle but doing some figure eights rather than just staying on the rail seemed to perk his interest away from the annoying race-horse pulling. Cindy worked him mostly at the walk with a bit of trot in one direction. Cindy was amazed at how tall 16.3 hands really is....sitting above the top rail of the roundpen is a little strange and dismounting includes a drop of nearly 2 feet at the end.

Gary rode LBR for a while at the walk in both directions and LBR continued to be well behaved. After about 30 minutes total, we headed back to the stables (Gary leading with the bridle instead of the halter) and LBR was extremely calm and quiet.

We took off the saddle/bridle and gave him a quick rinse off. Afterwards, we let him graze in the common area pasture until he dried, groomed his hooves in the grooming rack and then headed back to the paddock for the typical walk through to the water trough and treats at the gate.

What an exciting & successful day!!!!

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