Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 29, 2009

Our granddaughter and a friend are in from Arkansas for post-graduation vacation. We took them over to the stables to introduce them to LBR.

Neither of them a "horse people", but because LBR has been a bit fiesty lately, we needed to go over for some lunging.

We groomed LBR in the roundpen and Gary worked him at the walk/trot/canter both directions. LBR got a bit "spunky" when cantering (hopping and kicking at least once each time). All we can figure is he's feeling much better (supplements) and is also starting to get in shape. If/when he takes the incorrect lead at the canter or starts with a cross-canter, he performs flying lead changes to correct.

Our grandaughter's friend had never seen/touched a horse and studied the training lesson. He thought it was pretty amazing that a horse could be so responsive/trained. He also "warmed" up to LBR.

We'll be taking tomorrow off to head to Sea World with the "kids".

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