Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009

Tonight we headed to the stables with bridle and saddle. We pre-groomed LBR in the roundpen and put on his bridle (with an egg-butt snaffle).

We walked him around the roundpen for a bit and decided to lunge him in his bridle. He actually worked better and was more focused than with the halter.

We replaced the bridle with the halter and headed to the grooming stall to try on the saddle. He was again well behaved. With the saddle on LBR, we led him in the jumping arena and had a perfectly behaved horse.

We ended the night with a walk to/through the paddock and YEAH!!!! some alfalfa cubes.

If all continues on this track.....we'll be riding next week in the roundpen.

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