Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5, 2009

As we were headed to the stables, UPS delivered the saddle we bought on eBay. It was exactly as described and we were excited.

We had plans for a typical pre-groom, roundpen, grooming stall and jumping arena workout and stuck to it.

LBR worked nicely in the roundpen with ground poles, but seemed bored easily after cantering without them.

We headed to the grooming stables and there was a lot of activity. LBR seemed a bit excited until all the loud-talking humans left (he must be sensing Cindy's frustration with that).

We headed back to the paddock and crazy-horse-owner were out loose. Fortunately, the stable owner was around and moving some of her horses and asked that the horse be caught and contained. LBR seemed to take it all in stride though crazy-horse ran around for a while in the common areas.

We left LBR in his paddock (not too happy as there were not alfalfa treats to give).

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