Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 18, 2009

Tonight was the first time in three (3) days that we were able to “work” LBR due to the rain. We took him from the paddock to the main barn for grooming and he was not his usual agreeable self (just a little stubborn).

We groomed/saddled/bridled and headed to the round pen for some ground work. He continued his stubborn streak – not wanting to lunge, not attentive. Gary raised the lunge whip when LBR refused to trot and he broke into a canter…what a little terror.

He calmed down a bit and Cindy rode for a while, but instead of behaving nicely, he continued to behave in an “off” manner. Rather than get frustrated, she just worked him a bit in figure eights and kept the ride brief.

We ended with de-tacking, grooming, leading to/through the paddock and finished off with some treats at the gate. He was so obstinate tonight that when led through the paddock to the water trough, he didn’t even play/drink in the water.

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