Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27, 2009

We headed to the stables expecting a quiet night as there are no lessons on Wednesday nights. We were quite surprised to find several boarders there and a lot of activity.

We groomed/tacked up and headed to the round pen as it had been five (5) days since our last ride. LBR was easily distracted in the round pen and didn't like the "crusty"path near the rail. We rode there (Gary & Cindy) and he got a little better.

Gary wanted to ride in the main arena. LBR continued to be a bit "distracted/hot" but handled fairly well for Gary. Cindy decided to ride in the main arena for a bit and LBR continued to be a little unruly. He was very distracted by the dogs, people and other horse in the arena. The thing that pushed him over the top was a boarder's horse that had been turned loose to graze in the common area.

This horse began running through the common areas, kicking and bucking. LBR decided he wanted to join in the fun and took off at a hot trot without being asked. Rather than try and force him to stop, Cindy used the forward motion to do some nice circles and LBR calmed down and came to a nice whoa (with the aid of the corner of the arena).

Cindy walked him for a bit more in the arena and practiced some whoa's and then we headed to the grooming stall to take of the bridle/saddle and groom. LBR was still a bit excited, but stood nicely.

We ended the night with the typical walk to/through the paddock for a drink and some treats.

Tomorrow we will be doing ground work in the roundpen....getting LBR back on his normal routine.

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