Monday, May 4, 2009

May 3, 2009

We headed downtown today to enjoy one of Austin's spring traditions - Pecan St. Festival. After a few hours there, we went to visit/work LBR.

He continues to meet us at the gate regardless of what time we arrive. We did our standard grooming and roundpen work and LBR did very well. He really seems to enjoy the initial rounds with ground rails and then cantering without them. We remove them and ask for some walk/trot and he seems very bored (not staying on the rail).

We headed to the jumping arena for some work and then the grooming stalls and he was well behaved. We took the camera tonight with us. We've attached some new pictures. Please don't worry about him being "thin". His muscle mass has increased greatly and we're "upping" the feed a bit due to his increased training.

We grazed for a bit and then returned to the paddock.

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