Monday, May 25, 2009

May 24, 2009

We headed to the stables in the late morning expecting to find a muddy horse, roundpen and arena as we had at least 1" of rain at the house on Saturday.

Much to our surprise, the stables which are only about 5 miles from the house appeared to have sprinkles at most. LBR was clean and the roundpen and arena were dry.

We changed the order of things today. Started by leading LBR to the main barn for grooming. He entered his grooming stall perfectly, but the "stalker" popped out of a doorway and he spooked a bit. LBR really doesn't like the stalker as it operates in stealth mode appearing from behind walls, doorways, etc. and then sit/stands nearby and stares at him.

After grooming, we led LBR out to the common area behind the main barn for some grazing. He was very happy to have the fresh bermuda grass.

We headed back to the grooming stall and put on his saddle/bridle for a ride in the round pen. LBR responded nicely and Cindy's posting is getting better (she rode him at a nice steady trot for about 4 laps clockwise and about 3 laps counterclockwise). LBR's whoa's are getting much better - only taking 2-3 steps from the walk to whoa.

Gary rode for a bit and when LBR's stubborn ("I don't want to turn") streak came out, Gary corrected him perfectly (no getting his bluff over on us:-). LBR doesn't seem to like it when the weather is changing (there were storms far off in the distance and a cool wind kicked up after a bit).

There were a couple of horses being worked in the main arena that were a bit rowdy so we decided to skip that today. They aren't untrained - just unworked and a bit hot.

We ended with grooming, lead back to/through the paddock and some treats.

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