Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 20, 2009

Tonight we led from the paddock, groomed and headed to the roundpen for a ride. LBR was very "mellow" tonight.

He responded well to very light rein and leg pressure. Both Gary and Cindy rode. Cindy worked LBR a little more at the trot and is getting a sense of his trot rhythm and able to post better.

After the roundpen workout (about 20 minutes), we led LBR to the main jumping arena for a ride. Cindy mounted using the mounting blocks instead of the "leg up" jockey method and LBR stood nicely. She rode LBR around the perimeter of the arena and he seemd to be 'showing' off - very attentive and interested.

Cindy rode him over many ground poles, between jumps, and around jumps and LBR responded perfectly (though his "whoa's" still need a bit of work).

After about 15 minutes in the main arena, we headed to the barn for de-tacking, grooming and then back to/through the paddock ending with some treats at the gate.

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