Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009

We headed over to the stables mid-morning. We had about 2" of rain overnight and LBR took full advantage of the opportunity to roll in the mud.

He got a new neighbor in the adjoining paddock today as Gary was haltering him up to head to the grooming stalls. LBR whinnied repeatedly on the way from the paddock and continued to call to his new neighbor throughout grooming (Cindy's ears are ringing).

It took a while, but we were able to get all the mud off without a bath today (it was too muddy in his paddock to waste the water bathing...he would have just rolled again after we left). There was no sign of the stalker today but beause it is a holiday, there were many other boarders grooming their horses.

Due to the muddy conditions, we chose not to ride today and took the opportunity to reinforce some ground work. We led LBR in the practice arena and he walked over the solid log jumps without any hesitation (first time he would do this). Ground poles were "old" and posed no issues as well.

After about 20 minutes of lead work, we took LBR to the common area for some grazing. There were several other boarders there letting their horses graze as well. LBR ignored them as his entire/total focus was on eating the fresh grass. As he has been a little difficult to lead away from this area, Gary took him down the road in the opposite direction and around several other barns. LBR behaved well and didn't realize he was leaving this green pasture:-)

We headed to the paddock, led/drank water and then enjoyed watching him eat his treats from his bucket.

He headed back to the center of the paddock and a fresh round bale of hay. He made Romeo leave the preferred hay spot by pinning his ears (he's so bossy).

He kept his eye on his new neighbor too...a 3 year old gray filly.

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