Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 11, 2009

The stables were quiet when we arrived (no other boarders there). We took LBR from the paddock to the grooming stall for grooming/saddling/bridle. As we were tacking up, psycho horses owner arrived.

We decided to head to the roundpen not knowing if we would be just lunging or riding as if psycho-horse was turned loose, he would be too much of a distraction running frantically throughout the common areas. Fortunately, psycho-horse had a training session far off in the jumping arena so we were able to ride.

We lunged briefly at the walk/trot. LBR was a bit distracted (there was a thunderstorm far off in the eastern sky). We put down a ground pole to regain his focus - it worked very well.

Cindy rode at the walk for about 20 minutes and LBR was perfectly behaved (still leaning on the bit however a tap on the rump seems to stop this). He crowded the rail and the stirrup iron hit it making a loud metal-on-metal bang. LBR didn't care a bit about this noise (YEAH!!!).

We ended the night with grooming. On the way back to the barn a few sprinkles fell and LBR thought he was once again getting attacked by acid rain (go figure - a horse that LOVES the mud hates the rain).

We led through the paddock and ended with treats at the gate.

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