Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009

We headed to the stables with bridle in tow as LBR seemed to train well with it yesterday. We got a late start so we altered our activities a bit.

LBR met us at the gate and we headed to the round pen. We groomed and put on his bridle and shin splints. We led him for a bit with the reins (not really using the reins).

We started with our typical walk/trot/whoa lunging and because LBR was responding so well, we tried the canter. LBR took up the canter on queue.

Tonight's breakthrough was going back down to the trot and then the walk without being hot (accomplished these transitions within 1/2 circle of the round pen).

We think he was showing off as some of the girls who had finished their lessons were cooling down their horses in the common area around the round pen.

He got comments on how well he was doing and what a handsome horse he was......he seemed to know he was being complimented.

We ended with the walk through the paddock, a brief "potty stop" (now 4 nights in a row he stops at the same point for this bio-break), a drink of water and back to the gate for some alfalfa cube treats.

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