Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13, 2009

We did the usual...led LBR from his paddock to the grooming stall for grooming and tacking up. It was funny tonight, the walkway before the barn had been re-aslphalted (verb?) and was pitch black. LBR didn't want to cross it and instead of battle/force, we kicked some dust over it and he was just fine:-)

We worked for a short bit lunging in the roundpen and then Gary hopped aboard. LBR & Gary did well as they're both learning together.

LBR seemed easily bored so when Cindy rode, she did a lot of figure eights instead of "rail work".

Psycho horse was out tonight but that's a non-event:-)

We headed back to the main barn, groomed (LBR is so relaxed he lets his "stuff" dangle as we post-workout groom), and then back to the paddock for a walk to the water trough for a drink and back to the gate for treats.

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