Friday, May 29, 2009

May 28, 2009

We headed to the stables with the plan of "back to groundwork". We added supplements to LBR's feed and think he is starting to "feel his oats". He's been more distracted the last few nights and looking for excuses to be spunky.

When we arrived, the stables were quite busy with lessons and boarders. We led LBR from his paddock directly to the roundpen for grooming. Gary lunged him (in halter only) and although a bit stubborn (not wanting to go in the counterclockwise direction), LBR did pretty well.

LBR kept his inside ear turned and listened to Gary's commands. However, we now have a spunky horse on our hand. When asked to trot, LBR once took to the canter.

When asked to canter, he "play" bucked and kicked but continued on. LBR actually seemed to be letting of some steam and having fun. After his "canter/kick", he would come to a nice whoa or walk. When LBR whoa'd, he immediately went into mellow mode.

We ended with grooming in the round pen, a cooling-off walk around the practice arena and treats at the gate.

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